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House Framing Guys with 35 plus years in the construction business House Framing Guys can formulate coherent building procedures that optimize the entire structure, not just the rough frame of the building. The rough frame structural requirements for commercial and residential buildings in the, Area, in seismic zones 3 and 4, require a good understanding of the construction sequences that effect the entire structure. With the current structural requirements of the IBC, UBC & CBC &, Area Structural Engineers we are always researching new types of engineered wood products like LSL, LVL, OSL, SPSL, TJI, RFPI, SSI, CDX, OSB, AOSB, FRBOSB, PSL, GLB, 24F-V4, 24F-V8, IJC, MSR, VGL, LPI to see if the engineered wood products live up to their manufactures claims and warranties. OSB is great for roof sheathing, but what about the panel thickness swelling and the nail pop in OSB structural shear walls. It seems to us that the nail pop in OSB structural shear walls should reduce the allowable shear force in pounds per foot. But once it is covered we'll have to wait for the next earthquake to see if the nail pop in OSB makes any real difference.

Top Of Structural Requirements

We stay on top of structural requirements in our plans so we don't end up using the wrong type of framing material. As an example, we use Pac-Bor borate.42 pressure treated mudsill plates that are Built It Green approved, but are also compatible with the types of anchor bolts and holdowns installed by the concrete subcontractors. By using Pac-Bor borate.42 pressure treated mudsill we still need to use hot dipped galvanized nails (G185) for all attachments to the mudsill, but the anchor bolts and holdowns don't need to be hot dipped galvanized. However, it wouldn't hurt if they were hot dipped galvanized.

General Contractors who work with us on one project return to House Framing Guys for all their future commercial and residential framing needs. A lot of framing contractors will say they take pride in their work, but our rough frames speaks volumes. City Building inspectors have called our rough frames awesome. Special inspectors have said our rough frame and structural hardware was installed by very competent carpenters. Structural engineers have used our RFI detail drawings in their structural plans. While other building inspectors have said that we should give framing seminars.

Enough hype. Take a look around our web site and decide for yourself. If you decide we're right for your project give us a call and we'll give you a bid for your stick frame, timber frame, fire insurance projects, structural I-Beam WF joist-rafters (100 sq. ft. to 50,000 sq. ft.), Commercial Tenant Improvements (TI) or residential remodel.

Structural composite lumber:

• Structural composite lumber (SCL)

• laminated veneer lumber (LVL)

• laminated strand lumber (LSL)

• parallel strand lumber (PSL)

• oriented strand lumber (OSL)

• steam-pressed scrim lumber (SPSL)

• "I" Joist by Trus Joist ( TJI)

• "I" Joist by Standard Structures (SSI)

• "I" Joist by LP (LPI)

• "I" Joist by Roseburg (RFPI)

• oriented strand board (OSB)

• advanced oriented strand board (AOSB)

• plywood (CDX)

• reinforced oriented strand board (FRB OSB)

• glue laminated beams (GLB)

• I-Joist compatible glulam beam alternative to LVL (IJC)

• Flooring and Sheathing by Huber Engineered Woods

• roof and wall sheathing by Huber Engineered Woods

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